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1 AAPLE of Newton Pte. Ltd. is not just another establishment but a budding company that is passionate about creating positive difference on existing training cultures. The Company aims to provide quality training services that are Interesting, Innovative and Invigorating, termed as the 3 I Training System.

The highly experienced trainers of 1 AAPLE OF NEWTON continuously draw inspiration from geniuses such as Sir Isaac Newton, who not only invented the theory of gravity by observing an apple fall from a tree, but discovered that gravity isn’t just limited to earth.

Similarly, 1 AAPLE OF NEWTON aims not only to help individuals discover their strengths but also envision their abilities to achieve greater things in life. The team believes that everyone can learn something new to become extraordinary.

 Our Vision Mission

Accentuating Absolute Positive Learning Experience (AAPLE) for everyone.

Our Company Mission

To build a world of highly motivated individuals, by helping them discover their strengths and be extraordinary.

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