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We think of knowledge as something that can be recorded in words, visualized and taught. However, this isn’t always the case. Tacit knowledge is a class of knowledge that’s difficult to communicate. Tacit knowledge is a challenge for all businesses. Which firm doesn’t want to prevent knowledge loss due to employee turnover. However, tacit knowledge almost always goes with the employee. Fret not! We will work with you to access the needs of your business and tailor a suitable program for you. In recent times, we had worked with ‘Out of the Box Kids’ Club (OTB)’ to develop the following for them:

Staff Orientation Program –

Developed after observing student teacher interactions, enrichment sessions, on the job training of teachers and administration over a period of 3 weeks.

a. Informs all administrative actions that the Centre Manager has to take before and after the new teacher arrives.

b. Spells out all the facilities in the centre and the important points to be briefed about them.

c. Contains the job scope of the new staff so that as it is briefed, it allows  some opportunities for the new teacher to clarify anything that they are not clear about.

d. Has guidelines that allows new teacher to plan their own enrichment sessions for students.

Parent Teacher Meeting Power Point Slides 

While we are so focused on bringing in new customers, we often forget that retaining the existing ones are just as important. This is why the more successful you are at understanding and forming relationship with your customers, the more successful you will be at growing your business. Strengthening relationships doesn’t have to be intrusive, but sharing non-work information occasionally can boost it.

We realised that teachers at OTB put in a lot of hard work and efforts for the children by preparing many interesting activities. However, none of these were show casted to the parents. Thus, we put together all the key activities that their children had participated in and created an attractive presentation.

We had also suggested to create a cosy and relaxing ambiance for the parents at the centre by hosting a complimentary workshop like art or yoga for parents and children to participate together. Presentation and Parent Teacher Meetings were encouraged to be held over hi-tea.


Just like how we train our body muscles to keep fit, our brain is a ‘trainable’ muscle that needs regular exercise. For us to maximise its potential, we need to master the correct technique to breathe and stimulate the brain. When you breathe with learned techniques, the cerebral cortex in brain flexes. The more you flex your cerebral cortex in breathing, the more capacity you have to control emotions, enhance concentration, focus better, and attain a stronger immune system, feel happy, sense peace and attain personal success. Our mindful breathing practice is further enhanced through right and left brain activation coordinating activities that will be taught in this programme.


This workshop has been designed to start your own freelancing business. The course cover secrets on how you can secure associate trainer jobs with some key skills and expertise. It also teaches how to write an attractive Trainer Profile to market yourself professionally.

It’s not how often you communicate with your customers but rather it’s the richness and quality of those communications that’s important.