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21st Century Lifeskills Competencies

The world is fast-changing. Our students of today have to not just survive but thrive to face these challenges and seize the opportunities brought about by key driving forces such as globalisation, changing demographics and technological advancements.

For this, MOE has identified 21st Century Competencies which will help our students to embody the Desired Outcomes of Education (DOE). These competencies enforce that knowledge and skills must be underpinned by values as values define an individual’s character.

This workshop is designed for educators/ trainers who wish to familiarise themselves with the 21st Century Life Skills and conduct facilitation for both students and also parents.

Youth Empowerment for Peer Leadership Growth

Our Youth empowerment workshop encourages youths to take charge of their lives and steer to towards the direction of their goals. Participants will discover the secret of success behind many motivational speakers. There will be step by step guidance to reflect on their natural talents and write a personal mission that will eventually give rise to a purposeful life.

There are many ways to go about the same goal. If plan A doesn’t work then there is Plan B to Z. Participants learn how to take action to improve access to resources and transform their awareness to shape people’s lives and make a difference. The ability for young people to connect to each other and empower each other, also allows them to share and scale their own solutions.

They learn to see themselves as important as they are not only the leaders of tomorrow but the leaders of today. When the youths are empowered, the society becomes a good place for all to live.

Motivation, Leadership and Study Skills

All parents share the same sentiments when their child doesn’t try hard enough to plan to score well for their exams and accomplish something they know he or she is perfectly capable of. This is where we help to nurture a can-do attitude and train to inculcate habits of successful people in them. The strategies we teach the children, together with the power of planning to reach their goals will eventually enable the children to achieve their best.

Right Brain Activation through Arts (Painting & Crafts)

The right hemisphere of your brain is considered to be your creative centre. Activities such as music, art and using your imagination are generally thought of as right brain activities. You can stimulate your creativity and imagination and maximize your productivity and innovative problem solving skills through specific right-brain focused exercises. Art such as painting and doing crafts encourage your right brain to become more active.

Children Brain Development

A child’s brain continues to grow till the age of 16 and brain needs regular exercise to grow healthy. To maximise its potential, children need to master the correct technique  to breathe and stimulate the brain as soon as they can. When they breathe with learned  techniques, the brain gets stimulated. The more children practice, the faster they will  learn to control emotions, improve concentration, focus better, enhance memory power,  feel happy, be motivated and attain personal success. Our mindful breathing practice is  further enhanced through right and left brain activation coordinating activities that  will be taught in this programme. There can be a no better exercise than this for your children to learn and perform well at school.